Our group has managed to participate in several exhibitions and fairs outside Dediapada.

The Aadiaushadhi gropu has participated in the traditional Food Festival event “Bhuli Bhulai Vanngi” held at the prestigious Indian Institute of Management (IIM) in Ahmadabad; at this event the group earned some income and were also awarded with a special prize for its Brahmi products.

The group has also represented the District Rural Development Agency (D.R.D.A) at fairs in Jamnagar and in Ahmadabad. It has helped the group to get publicity and many people from different parts of Gujarat have tried to contact them.

Today, thanks to the team effort, they are able to prepare a variety of products. These products help in curing many common diseases. To name a few, medicines for acidity, arthritis, diabetes, kidney stone, general sickness, jaundice, cough and cold, loose motions, etc.

The group has also experimented with various products of Amla, hair oil, massage oil, tea powder and Chavanprash. All these products have been marketed in Ahmedabad. Usages of local plants like ‘Khati bhindi’ for jam, sharbat and drink concentrate have also been successfully tried.

The groups have started a small Nursery for multiplying medicinal plants. Initially they used to grow few medicinal plants. Increasing interest in growing medicinal plants has encouraged the group to increase the production of these plants. This has helped in increasing the sale of the medicinal plants.

For the future progress of the group, they have decided to train ten selected members as master trainers for training new members. The group has been very progressive and addaptive to new thoughts and have  created awareness about themselves by making a documentary on the group activities and process. This webpage is an effort to increase the scope of the group’s business and expand the reach of its products nationally and globally.